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Basketball for Breast Cancer Awareness
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October 30 will be Basketball night for Breast Cancer Awareness.  We will have a Basketball Pep Rally to introduce our basketball...

The FMS Running Rams have advanced tothe Class 1A Regional Finals in the Southwest Regional Tournament at Alabama State University...

Our monthly PTO meeting will be Tuesday, January 15 at 5:30 P.M.  The highlight of the evening will be Awards Night for...

College Campaign Week culminated with the Senior class visiting Marion Military Institute and Judson College.  The female...
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The 5th Grade Class was responsible for the October assembly.  October was Anti-bullying month, thus the theme for the program...
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Seniors celebrate the end of Portfolio Day where they met one-on-one with an advisor about college expectations.

Your Education, Your Life, Your School, Your Time
Students signing the "I Applied to College Wall" and listing the schools they applied.

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Juniors participated in the Jmmy Lee Jackson Oratorical Contest held at Judson College on Thursday, February 23.  Suzette...
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Twenty-six (26) juniors were accepted into the College Admissions Made Possible program that is sponsored by 57 Miles.  These...
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The Senior class of 2016 engaged in their first First Friday on Frday, September 10.  The Senior class began the day working...
Senior basketball player Cedric Essex shares with 6th graders

September 10 was a busy day at Francis Marion as Judson College's "Faith Matters" group was on campus to help spruce up hall...
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Donations for IPads coming in!

PTA Success
PTA President, Marilyn Smith presides over PtA meeting.

School Transformation
Parents, Mrs. Angela Davis and Mrs. Karen Shanks work to clean the trophy cabinets and restore them to their original place.

Locker Face lift
Errol Heard pitches in to make a difference

Gratitude is an Attitude
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School Supplies
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