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Austin, Gwendolyn Speech/Language Pathologist
Barton, Karen Gifted
Bryant, Shirley 1st Grade Teacher
Cadore, Deleesha 7th and 8th Grade Science
Coleman, Jeri Special Education
Cook, Sylvia 5th and 6th Grade Math
Cosby, Derrick Auto Tech- Career Tech
Cowart, Donnis HS History
Daffin, Kenee’ HS Science
Dancy, Pamela 5th and 6th Grade ELA
Davis, Gylendora Science
DeVaughn, Tony Music/Band
Ellis, Lettie Special Needs
England, Constance Pre-K/Lead Educator
Essex, Leslye 1st Grade Educator
Evans, Elainie Special Needs
Fields, Effie 7th and 8th Grade ELA
Fields, Sherlisa Special Needs
Fikes, Collette Library Media Specialist
Files, Murtis 3rd Grade
Ford, Shelicia Health Science
Ford, Tahuita 2nd Grade Educator
Francois, Briana HS English and History
Harris, Carla 2nd Grade Educator
Heard, Alecia HS Math
Hill, Arnthena Special Education Teacher
Hogan, Gracie FCS- JH
Hogue-Kynard, Tracie Kindergarten Educator
James, Kyle High School Math
Johnson, James Alternative School Director
Jones, Paulette Kindergarten
King, Kedra 3rd Grade Educator
King, Theresa Assistant Principal
Lewis, Shelia 4th Grade Social Studies
Lucky, Bettie 5th and 6th Grade Science
McCalpine, Johnny Physical Education
Mims, Michelle 4th Grade/Reading&Language
Pettway, Bradly 7th and 8th Grade History
Scott, Annette 5th and 6t Grade Social Studies
Stephens, Christolyn 5th and 6th Grade ELA
Suttles, Tammy 7th and 8th Grade Math
Taylor, Allison High School Counselor
Thigpen, Keisha Reading Specialist
Trimble, Anthony Physical Education- JH
Tucker, Donnita Business & Information Technology
Tucker, Tempra English Department Chairperson
Vasser, Sheila 1st Grade Educator
Williams, Curtis HS Physical Education Teacher
Wilson, Merita 2nd Grade Educator
Woods, Erica 4th Grade/ Science
Wright, Derek Elementary Physical Education
Wright, Jamara Assistant Principal