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Gylendora Davis Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
A. P. Biology

  • I received a BS in Biology from AUM in 1996
  • I received a MS in Biology from ASU in 2009
  • I received my EDS in Teacher Leadership in 2013
  • HQT in Middle/Secondary General Science and Biology


  • Classroom Teacher--14 years
  • Science Department Chair Person--3
  • Robotics Instructor--8 years
  • Adjunct Professor Wallace Community College--2


As we seek to better humanity; the quality of education, pedagogical practices and educational experiences must foster global competitors. I believe that teachers can learn just as much from students as students can learn from teachers.  Pedagogical practices propel the intrinsic motivation students need to adapt to their surrounding.  Through shared visions for learning by all stakeholders within a school system, corrective measures can be taken to bridge the achievement gap among students with varied learning abilities. Teamwork builds professional learning communities that transform failure into success.  Consistency within the infrastructure of the classroom setting begins with a plan of action that is closely monitored through effective leadership. With that in mind, I have three goals that help shape my educational philosophy: (1) to be a role model and mentor; (2) to present the material in a way that is not only clear, but accessible and inviting to students; and (3) give students the chance to develop argumentative skills for their point of view.  Galileo stated:  "You can not teach people anything; you can only help them discover things for themselves."  I believe this to be true.  If students develop high expectations within themselves and eliminate the fear of challenging new things, the discovery and learning process can begin.  My primary focus is to interconnect content standards with real life experiences; thereby, enabling students to cope with the kind of challenges they will face in a real life setting.