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Other Class Info



First Grade Syllabus


Teacher: Ms. Leslye Essex




Phone: 334-683-6741 ext. 25327


Conference Time: 12:25 1:10


Student Responsibilities:


The student will:


  • Bring necessary materials to school.

    Pencils, papers, crayon, glues, and scissors

  • Complete daily work assignments on time.

  • Complete homework Mon. – Thur.

  • Follow all classroom rules and procedures.


Family Support:


The family needs to:


  • Check and go over homework and Monday’s folder

  • Encourage reading

    Have your first grader read aloud to build reading fluency

  • Provide a quiet place for your first grader to work and study

  • Make every attempt to see that your first grader attends school regularly and arrive on time.


Grading Scale:


A – 90% - 100%


B – 80% - 89%


C - 70% - 79%


D – 69% - 60%


F - 59% and below






Francis Marion School Mission Statement:


Francis Marion strives to be a community of learners in which all members act respectful, responsible, and resourceful. We will provide our students with a strong academic foundation to help them reach their true potential in becoming college and career ready.


English Language Arts




The students will:


  • Identify the different types of genre in literature

  • Comprehend what they read and hear

    Examples include: drawing conclusions, predicting outcomes, cause and effect, and sequencing

  • Reading fluently and independently

  • Develop vocabulary skills

  • Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds in words






The students will:


  • Identify different parts of speech

  • Demonstrate the conventions of standard English grammar an usage when writing




The students will:


  • Take weekly spelling tests




The students will:


  • Identify letters

  • Form letters correctly

  • Have correct spacing between words

  • Complete Superkids activities




Addition and Subtraction


The students will:


  • Solve addition and subtraction problems for sums and differences to 20

  • Solve addition and subtraction problems using two-digit numbers


Place Value


The students will:


  • Understand that the two digits of a two-digits of a two-digit number represent the amount of tens and ones

  • Compare two two-digit numbers based on meaning of the tens and ones digit (>,<,=)




The students will:


  • Identify fractions, parts of a whole




The students will:


  • Identify basic shapes

    Two-dimensional and three dimensional




The students will:


  • Tell time to the hour and half hour

  • Order objects by length




The students will:


  • Organize, represent, and interpret data

  • Ask and answer questions about a graph




Earth, Life, and Physical


The students will be active engagement in:


  • Asking questions

  • Communicating ideas

  • Exploring with scientific tools in order to explain scientific concepts

  • Processes like scientific investigation and reasoning

    Matter and energy, force, motion, and energy.

    Earth and space, and organisms and environment

  • Seeking answers to those questions through simple observations and descriptive investigations


Social Studies


The students will:


  • Discuss community life

  • Discuss map skills

  • Discuss current events

  • Discuss various holiday throughout the year

  • Discuss the different seasons of the year


Disciplines and Consequences


  • 1st offense – Verbal Warning ( Conference)

  • 2nd offense- Phone call home

  • 3rd offense – Referral to the office