Student Assessment

Each year, students at specified grade levels are required to participate in the administration of assessments from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE).  Some of the results from these assessments are reported to the United States Department of Education and some results are also used to determine the grades on school report cards required by the Alabama State Legislature. Listed below, are descriptions of the various state assessment our students will take this year. 

ACAP Summative: This is the NEW Alabama accountability assessment for grades 2-8 which will replace the Scantron Assessment used the past two years:  

  • Second grade will take the test, but their scores will only be used to measure growth for their 3rd grade year.

  • There is a writing component in the tests for grades 4 through 8 based on literary analysis.

  • Grades 4, 6, and 8 will take the Science portion (previously this was given in 5th and 7th grades)

Pre-ACT: This assessment is administered to 10th grade students in the fall. It mirrors the ACT they will take in the 11th grade. The purpose is to establish a baseline for growth to be measured after the ACT with Writing administration the following year. These results are not used for accountability.

ACT with Writing: All students in the 11th grade are required to participate in the administration of this assessment. The ACT with Writing is an entrance exam which is accepted by colleges and universities throughout the country. It is also used as an accountability measure for Alabama high schools. Additionally, students who meet or exceed the benchmark score for any subtest on the ACT are considered to be college ready by ALSDE and contribute positively to our system's college and career readiness indicator component of the the accountability model.

ACT Workkeys: ACT WorkKeys® tests are research-based measures of foundational work skills essential to career success across industries and occupations. The assessments help to close skill gaps and improve workforce quality. This assessment is administered to students in grade 12. Students who earn a silver standard or higher on all three component tests are considered to be career ready by ALSDE and positively affect the college and career readiness indicator for accountability.

ACAP Alternate (formerly known as "AAA"): Students in grades 3 - 8 and 10 who have significant cognitive disabilities will participate in the ACAP Alternate. They are tested in the same curriculum areas as their general education counterparts. The assessment is based upon the Alabama Alternate Standards which allow students to demonstrate mastery through task performance.

ACCESS for ELLs 2.0: English Learners (EL) students are administered this assessment annually to measure their progress with acquisition of the English language. They are assessed in four domains: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.